When you want to boost your fitness at the gym and at home, get abdominal exercise wheels.


Light Weight

they are light in weight thus portable 


they last for long without issues

Comfortable Grip

the handles are made of molded sponge

Enhanced Fitness

the exercise wheels enhances overall fitness 

About Us

I'm Fredrick Henderson from  The Active Mommy. Our abdominal exercise wheels have become very popular amongst our clients as they offer them convenience. Besides being at a pocket friendly price, they are light in weight meaning they can be carried anywhere, they are made of high quality materials thus no frequent replacements needed and the handles are made of molded sponger. 


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What People Say

One thing I look for in my muscle building journey is convenience. Abdominal exercise wheels that I got from  The Active Mommy  have offered me convenience as they are not only light in weight, but they are also durable and I can use them from anywhere. 

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